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Calasanz 2016 in Bolszewo
Days in Diocese program
How to get to Bolszewo?
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Days in Diocese concept

Calasanz 2016 in Bolszewo

The Days in Diocese during World Youth Days 2016 is a time, when young people from all over the world are hosted in all Polish dioceses. This stage begins on 20th July and ends on 25th July 2016. We would like to invite calasantian youth to spend Days in Diocese in Piarist Parish in Bolszewo (Archdiocese of Gdańsk).

Bolszewo is a town located in north Poland, beautiful region of Kashubia. It's very conveniently located: not far away is the Baltic Sea and one of the most marvelous cities in the world – Gdańsk. Bolszewo is also very close to Wejherowo and Gdynia, appealing cities connected with tradition and Christianity.

The main place of our meeting in Bolszewo will be the Parish of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where Piarists work. The youth will be hosted by families living in the parish.

The church in Bolszewo

During Days in Diocese (also called the Missionary Week) we want to organize for the calasantian youth special events, which will help in getting to know each other. We will also take part in Diocese's program.

Days in Diocese program

Overview plan:

  • July 20th – The day of arrival
  • July 21th – The day of exploring the region
  • July 22th – The day of exploring the region
  • July 23th – The day of group meetings hosted in diocese (Gdańsk)
    • Litany of Nations
    • Mass of Sending Forth
    • Youth Festival
  • July 24th – The day in parish
  • July 25th – The day of sending to Cracow

How to get to Bolszewo?

Bolszewo is a town situated near the Baltic Sea coast and the city of Trójmiasto (agglomeration of three cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot). It is located in the heart of the Kashubian, only 5 km from Wejherowo – the bigger city which is well connected with Gdańsk, where the airport is located (GDN). It is possible to reach Wejhorowo by the train as well.

Wejherowo is connected with Trójmiasto by “Szybka Kolej Miejska” (SKM, Quick Town Rail) and with Gdańsk and Sopot by bypass road (obwodnica trójmiejska, bypass road).

Bolszewo map
Access map of Bolszewo and surroundings

Discover region

Northern Kashubia are one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. Marvelous nature, countless lakes, plenty of diverse forests, neighbourhood of the sea, and above all hospitality of the native residents (Kashubians) makes all the tourists that have once visited this area want to come back. This is the place where Bolszewo lies – a city where from over 70 years Piarists work, leading the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the place where we’ll host pilgrims during Days in Diocese.

Flight over our Piarist church in Bolszewo

Within easy reach from Bolszewo lies one of the most interesting towns of Kashubia – Wejherowo. Beautifully situated Wejherowian Calvary, antique Market Square or unique palace and park is just a tip of the iceberg of what makes the city attractive. Not without a reason Wejherowo is called spiritual capital of Kashubia. One could not only find here richness of wonderful sacral buildings, but also find a moment to contemplate the last journey of Christ on calvarian hills or kneel and pray in front of the miraculous image of the Mother of God of Wejherowo.

Less than 30 kilometres from Bolszewo are borders of Tricity: Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. These cities, located near the Bay of Gdańsk, on the southern shore of Baltic Sea have rich history and interesting architecture.

Timelapse of Tricity

Gdańsk is a provincial city, one of the biggest in Poland. It is deemed as a symbolic place of the outbreak of World War II and the beginning of collapse of communism in Central Europe. There are many architectural relics in Gdańsk, for example the biggest church of brick – Marian Basilica. Over 1000 year old Gdańsk, annually visited by thousands of tourists combines traditions of cultures of many nations. It is a paradise for old architecture lovers. One could wander around this city’s pretty town houses and medieval antiques for eternity.

Promotional film about Gdańsk

Days in Diocese concept

WYD meeting formula has obviously developed in the succeeding years. Currently, WYD runs in two stages: at first pilgrims come to the all of dioceses of the host country, where they experience so-called “Days in the Dioceses”. After that they go to the city designated for the meeting with the Pope, where they participate in the “Central Events”.

WYD pilgrims come to all the dioceses of the host country, where they learn about its history, culture and the life of the community of the local Church. It is a priceless time, when participants of the meeting can get to know each other and make valuable contacts and relationships. This week is filled with plenty of great tours, fun and engagement in the social projects prepared by the organizers. Plan according to which the meeting takes place as well as its nature is different in each of the dioceses and depends on their specific features. During WYD in 2016 “Days in the Dioceses” will last from 20 to 25 July.

Polish WYD Organisation Committee proposed that each polish diocese should take a biblical name, related to some specific place or event.

Taking up such a concept not only will allow us to prepare single, consistent program scheme, but will also simplify the youth from all around the world signing up in Polish dioceses – they can choose desired diocese according to exact biblical staging they will attend, not only according to geographical location.

Diocese in which we will host calasantian youth will take name of Capernaum.

Biblical names for Dioceses