Calasanz WYD 2016

In Cracow

Youth Festival

In addition to calasantian Days in Diocese we are preparing one and only meeting during Central Celebrations in Kraków. We would like to invite all the Calasantian Youth gathered in Kraków during WYD 2016 to Calasantian Town on July 27th 2016 for a beautiful Holy Mass, great deal of fun, breathtaking concerts and common experience of this Calasantian Day as one big community. Special guests will include Our Father of the Piarist Order along with Monastic Superiors of all the Orders created with inspiration of St. Joseph Calasanz.

Time: July 27th, 2016, 15:00 – 22:00

Place: Cracow “Wieczysta” – Calasantian Town (Sports Club “Wieczysta” and the Parish of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn, 20 Meissner's Street).

Program: common Eucharist, Calasantian Youth Festival (concerts, testimonials, pantomimes), christian games and dances.

Calasantian Day during WYD in Rio

Note: in Cracow we shall meet only this once as a whole Calasantian group. Apart from this event we take part in official World Youth Day program (catechesises, vigils and the Holy Mass with the Pope). The Calasantian Day will be held in Sports Club “Wieczysta” facilities.

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